General Affidavit

"In the Matter of pension claim No 331.746 of Abijah Stewart late Co. E 1st Tenn Arty.
On this 3rd day of July A. D. 1891 personally appeared before me an officer in and for the herinafter named County and State, duly authorized to administer oaths, Joseph Chidister aged 50 years, whose Post office address is Linden, Clay Co., Mo, and who being duly sworn declares in relation to aforesaid case as follows:
I was a comerade of Abijah Stewart served with him in E. Company First-Tenn, Arty. He was captured at Bulls Gap in East Tenn. He was in prison some five months when he returned to the Battery he was in shocking bad condition physically run down terribly emaciated. Showed the effect of hard treatment. He complained terribly of piles. They bled so bad they soiled his clothes his drawers espetially, He did mightly little duty if any up to date of discharge and complained all the time of piles till day of his discharge and as long as I knew him up to the year 1865. He was sound as any man when he enlisted with us and the piles were contracted while in service."

The rest I am not able to make out too well as the first was written by a Squire Johnson and the rest written by Mr. Joseph Chidister. If anyone can make it out, please let me know.