I started doing my genealogical research when I was 14 for a Boy Scout merit badge, and 27 years later I am still doing it. And I can say still enjoy doing the research and the hunt for new information. My grandmother was of the utmost invaluable resource I could find. She lived to be 92, passing away in 2006, and had first hand knowledge and information about my great-great-great grandparents forward. She had also saved and preserved a lot of primary sources that gave me a glimpse of how my ancestors lived and worked. This website is a compilation of those years of research. And I am posting it so that others might be helped in their research or that I might make a connection that I haven't found and break through the that proverbial Brick Wall. Besides, it is always fun to find new "cousins!" Happy Hunting!!
Below is a list of the main surnames that I have researched. For a complete list of all surnames in my family tree, click on the Complete Surname List link below. If you find any information that you feel isn't correct or would like to add anything to what I have, please email me.
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