George Washington Garrison, husband of Maria Jane (Davis) Garrison - abt 1910
Maria Jane (Davis) Garrison, wife of George Washington Garrison - abt 1910 George Washington & Maria Jane (Davis) Garrison
- abt 1880
Garrison Family Portrait
- abt 1910
Grayson George, Edward Vernon, David Levi, George Washington, Nettie Jane & Maria Jane (Davis) Garrison
George Washington & Maria Jane (Davis) Garrison
- abt 1890
Maria Jane (Davis) Garrison & her half-sister Hester Elizabeth (Davis) Williams - abt 1900 George Washington & Maria Jane (Davis) Garrison on the porch of their home in McCune, KS - 1920 George Washington & Maria Jane (Davis) Garrison's 50th Wedding Anniversary Family Picture - 30 April 1913
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Minerva Ann (Wilson) Garrison standing far left and other Garrison family members in their buggies - abt 1900 Garrison Family farm northeast of McCune, KS
George Washington & Maria Jane (Davis) Garrison in their home - abt 1910
Garrison Family sitting on their porch eating watermelon - 1903
Unknown man in the back, Maria Jane (Davis) Garrison, Liddie Ellen Garrison, George Washington Garrison, Cecil Ray Winters & Nettie Jane (Garrison) Winters

Garrison Family - 1920
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George Washington & Maria Jane (Davis) Garrison standing in front of their house in McCune, KS - about 1900 Edward Vernon & Clara Melvina (Newberry) Garrison - 1916
Grayson George & Clara Loraine (Hill) Garrison, Nettie Jane (Garrison) Winters, Copper, Edward Vernon & Clara Melvine (Newberry) Garrison - 1945 50th Wedding Anniversary of Edward V. & Clara (Newberry) Garrison with sister Nettie Jane (Garrison) Winters, Copper - Oct 1940 54th Wedding Anniversary of Edward V. & Clara M. (Newberry) Garrison
- Oct 1944
Ruth Belle Garrison, daughter of Edward V. & Clara M. (Newberry) Garrison - 1906 Elsie May (Garrison) Gunter & sister Ruth Belle (Garrison) Sawyer daughters of Ed & Clara Garrison - 1935
Grayson George "G. G." & Clara "Cleo" Loraine (Hill) Garrison - 1948 Sarah Margaret "Sadie" (Robinson) Garrison, Hacker first wife of Grayson George Garrison. Married in 1891 & divorced in about 1893 Copper Family - abt 1920
Clinton Michael & Nettie Jane (Garrison) Winters, Copper with children Opal Elizabeth & Clyde Clinton Copper
Howard Jayson Garrison
David Levi & Minerva Ann (Wilson) Garrison - about 1890
David Levi Garrison tintype
age 17 - 1881
Minerva Ann (Wilson) Garrison tintype in frame,
age 4 - 1873
David Levi Garrison holding Cora Garrison with Liddie Ellen Garrison standing & Minerva Ann (Wilson) Garrison sitting - late 1891 David Levi & Minerva Ann (Wilson) Garrison - abt 1900 Minerva Ann (Wilson) Garrison standing with sister Sara Angeline (Wilson) Kennedy - about 1900
Liddie Ellen Garrison age 1
- 1888
Liddie Ellen Garrison age 15

Liddie Ellen Garrison age 17

Sisters - Liddie Ellen & Cora Garrison - 1907 Liddie Ellen, Jesse Renric & Cora Garrison - 1897
Liddie Ellen Garrison, Minerva Ann (Wilson) Garrison-standing, & Cora Garrison
-abt 1905
Liddie Ellen (Garrison) Beery & mother Minerva Ann (Wilson) Garrison on the family farm northwest of McCune, KS - abt 1930 Cora (Garrison) Gutshall & daughter Veva Nadine Gutshall - late 1913 Cousins - Helen Marshall Beery & Veva Nadine Gutshall - 1915 Veva Nadine Gutshall, Minerva Ann (Wilson) Garrison & Helen Marshall Beery - 1918
Minerva Ann (Wilson) Garrison & Dale Levi Gutshall - 1924 Dale Levi Gutshall - abt 1937 4 Generation of Garrison Women: Liddie Ellen (Garrison) Beery, Leota Maxine Stewart, Minerva Ann (Wilson) Garrison, Raemae Lee Stewart & Helen Marshall (Beery) Stewart - about 1937 Helen Elizabeth (Garrison) Van Aiken with brother Harry Lauren Garrison & his wife Marjorie (Talbot) Garrison - about 1988 David Levi Garrison with his favorite horses Sorrell & Dexter - early 1900's
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